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Sheltering in Place

April 1, 2020
by Jill Obereiner

I always thought sheltering in place was for an event, such as a bomb threat, a tornado or a hurricane. I never considered this tactic as being used for an invisible virus that has the power to change lives overnight. It’s been nearly two weeks with our “stay at home” order from our governor. My biggest realization comes with the knowledge that our freedoms are often taken for granted and assumed, when the reality is we have been privileged and fortunate since birth.

The stay at home order cramps our lifestyles, but this order is more of a code of honor than an enforced mandate. I am hopeful that it stays that way. Individuals who halt their way of life during this time period are doing so for the greater good, or so we are told. In other words, if my family stays put in the safety of our home, perhaps other individuals will not be exposed to coronavirus. Perhaps we deny the virus additional hosts who, in turn, transmit the culprit to others.

Part of me finds this pandemic and our reaction unbelievable. Is it really a naturally occurring event or a biological weapon. If the pandemic is so bad in the United States, why is the virus spreading here at a lower rate if you look at our population and the ratios per capita by millions. All in all, these questions will remain unanswered for the time being. All we can do is trust that we are given decent information and choose which sources are reliable verses biased or even attempts at misinformation.

While sheltering in place, I am sewing the seeds of a stronger foundation for myself and my family. This is a time for faith, personal development and quiet growth and reflection. Personal growth includes learning new things and expanding experiences. For instance, I’ve never blogged. Now is a good time to find the time to do so.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. Since it has been snowing/sleeting and raining for days on end, I am choosing to brighten this site with splashes of color and the beauty of nature. It’s the beginning of a blog, but might evolve into something entirely different.

I am also taking an on-line computer course on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Why not, right? These documents laid the groundwork for a brilliant, innovative country – one that I am convinced holds promise.

My winter projects are shelved for now. I am hopeful for better weather so that I can get outdoors and work in the yard. We are entering a brighter, warmer season in life. It just might take a little while to get there.

I hope you enjoy these pages.

Be faithful and have hope. Jill


I love the perfect photography day when the wind is still and the water is like glass. I could spend hours behind the lens.


“Sunset,” (we refer to this as the hour of sunset in our family) makes a great time to take a good picture. Being at the right place at “sunset” means postponing events, dinners, car rides and similar activities to make sure you have a good view of the unfolding event. Sunset means different things to different families and ranks at the top of the list in our family.


Pops of color appear throughout the blooming and growing season. Always be on the lookout for good color and find the hidden treasures in life.

Not all those who wander are lost.


… they are free.

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